Sunday, May 23, 2010

Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Rear Bicycle Basket

We found this amazing cute little darling Folding cart from Topeak, famous for their MTX QuickTrack quick release system and this cart just totally adds another dimension of fun to our urban biking lifestyle. This cart is a nice modern reinterpretation of the old school milk crate that have been made famous by DJ's all over the world using it to store their prized vinyl collections. In this modern remix of the cart, it is much smaller in size (13.4” x 17.4” x 10.1” when open) compared to the milk cart but is totally has more spunk, full of personality wit with it's numerous ingenious design details.

We really appreciate the well thought out design and aesthetics of this cart. First off the telescoping handle is very smooth. Once the handle is pulled all the way up it locks in place nicely. Problem is when you collapse the telescoping handle back down it does not lock in place so you won't be able to carry the folding trolley with it's handle (a minor design flaw that I hope will be revised on the next generation). The folding and expanding of the cart is beautifully engineered to perfection. the plastic used feels very sturdy and there are two additional items inside the walls of the cart that allows you to strengthen the cart once it is fully open. On the two opposing folding walls, there is a yellow sliding locking mechanism which will slide to lock both wall panel to prevent accidental folding of the wall. There are also two removable 4 inches caps that you can lock the tops of the same opposing folding wall's rim to keep it's sturdy structure nice and rigid. The wheels are very smooth. One other design oversight that would be great to implement on the next generation is having the proper size holes on the bottom part of the 4 walls to accommodate the cargo net hooks for a quick and easy hook and release. At the moment the cargo net hooks is a bit tedious to latch onto the cart but it's not a deal breaker. Despite the minor design flaws, it is still the best cart available on the market working with Topeak's QuickTrack rear bike rack on our frequent trips to the local grocery store and farmers market. The basket will even fit a small camera bag nicely for my digital SLR. On my recent grocery trip to Fresh and Easy, I was able to fit 4 bags of carrots, 2 bags of celeries, a bag of onions, a bag of nectarines and my bike lock nicely. The trolley sits a few inches away from the seat and the cart has enough clearance from our butt while riding which means Topeak actually have field tested this product for real life usability and functionality, kudos to the R&D and design team! The Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Rear Bicycle Basket is a joy to own and it is the perfect companion for all outings.

Please note that you will need to have the Topeak MTX Explorer rack to use the folding basket in order for the basket to sit securely on the rack. Using this basket on universal rear bike racks is highly not recommended.


Capacity 25 L / 1525 ci

Added features: Foldable Frame, Telescopic Grip, Trolley wheels, Clip for tail light, Optional Cargo Net

Size (L x W x H):
34 x 35.8 x 14.2 cm
13.4” x 14.1”x 5.6” (Folded)
34 x 44.3 x 35.8 cm
13.4” x 17.4” x 10.1” (Open)

Weight: 1800 g / 4 lbs

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