Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biking Safety + Fun

May is the official Bike to Work month so we thought we would share a few nifty bicycle accessories to keep you safe on the road and having fun during your ride.

One of the most important thing when you are riding your bike with friends is not having the proper communication tools, instead we find ourselves yelling out warning and instructions like make a left at the next light, etc. Well BlueAnt has this clever device that you can finally talk to each other via bluetooth called interphone. There are two modes, you can either sync to pair your headsets so you can talk to each other while riding or when you're riding solo, you can have it synced up to your iPhone via Bluetooth as well. Although we use the interphone originally for scooting around town on our electric scooter. We repurpose the interphone system for our bicycle riding helmet and it works like a charm. The Interphone is incredibly helpful when riding in groups or in pairs. Being able to communicate with each other is vital while riding to avoid those pot holes, warning other riders of emergency stops, etc. Since the actual interphone unit is detachable, we order two extra mike boom accessory kits and rigged it up on our bike helmet in no time. Come to think of it, this would be sweet on my snowboarding helmet as well. P.S. BlueAnt also has a great little bluetooth Speakerphone device called Supertooth 3 for the car and it works seamlessly for those who wants to have the hands free driving experience without wearing a bluetooth ear or headset. The battery will last up to two weeks on standby mode and the unit will automatically sync to your bluetooth enable cell phone like the iPhone when you get in your car without even taking your iPhone out of your bag. How's that for convenience!

The other product from iHome that is a must have for all music lover is the iHome2go iPod Speaker System. This is a safe and effective way to listen to your iPod while riding your bike. The housing of the speaker is made in the shape of a water bottle and it also holds the iPod inside nicely protecting it from all the shock that you put through during your ride. Speaker is decent, good quality sounds. Best part of the iHome2go ipod speaker system is the wireless remote control that can be attached to your handle bar to control your iPod (Stop, Play, Next Track, Previous Track and volume up and down). This little guy has made our rides around town so much more enjoyable. And we always get a kick out of people staring at us wondering where the music is coming from.

Happy trails...

Blue Ant Interphone Bluetooth intercom system. New generation F4

Blue Ant Interphone Bluetooth intercom system (first generation) on a motorcycle helmet

iHome2go iPod Speaker System

Attachment on bike to hold the speaker, carrying case, wireless remote for the handle bar sitting on top of the speaker cover (protects the speaker when not in use)

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