Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We heart Jamaica

Today we got to play in the Jamaican sun! What a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect. We started the day with a great lunch at the resort’s bbq joint serving up the local’s favorite Jerk Chicken. The water was warm and hey since we’re in Jamaica, it’s a perfect day to take the Catamaran out for a spin. My first small catamaran experience was in Antigua and I always wanted to share the experience with Carmen. So when I saw that the resort had these cute little catamaran available for free, I was all over it. For $28 USD, I got a private sailing lesson, 15 minutes later, the Lams were ready for the Catamaran outing. The water was calm and we had a wonderful relaxing day sailing around Montego Bay. We sailed for about two and a half hour, well actually I sailed and Clam laid out getting her tan on. Truth be told, Clam was ready to get back to shore a long time ago but captain Slam held her hostage for another hour and a half. We had a lot of fun and I get to practice my turns...yah mon!!

Our Catamaran and Kayaking instructor

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