Sunday, May 17, 2009

Precious + Danilo's Downtown LA Wedding

Okay, it is way too early in the morning and way too late for me to go to sleep since we have to get to LAX in an hour for our Jamaica destination wedding. 

Meanwhile, tonight was a magical night for Precious and Danilo. Their wedding was held outdoor at the lawn area between Cafe Pinot and the LA Library located at the corner of 5th and Flower in the heart of downtown LA. The wedding was beautiful and as the sun set, that's when the magic happened. The city's skyscraper all lit up setting a completely new vibe for this event. Every detail has been carefully planned by Kelley Lee of Picture Perfect Events along with her girls Janet and Grace. The twilight mood was breathtaking, the music, well let's just say it was club Presh and Nilo and the photos...well we took the couple onto the streets of LA and had a blast. As if this was not enough, P+D surprised their guests with the In-N-Out Burger truck.


Picture Perfect Events said...

I love the photos of P+D walking through Downtown! We should blow it up and showcase it in the new studio.

Jen Berry said...

love the motion and momentum in the 2 shot running across the street. lots of emotion