Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tiselle Rockin' It

Congrats to our super talented letterpress pal Tiselle for being one of three finalists of the prestigious 22nd Annual Louie Award for Best Humorous Friendship / Encouragement Card titled "WTF Braille". Tiselle also placed with her Domo Arigato! card as one of 10 finalist in the Greeting Card Category for The Stationery Trend Award. Plus they were also featured on Rock Paper Scissor Blog. Way to go guys! Just in case you don't know, Tiselle also custom designs letterpress invitations for all event profiles from gala to weddings. All of their letterpress are powered by solar panels so their cards are fun and green. More info visit

Click on the link to read all bout the wonderful world of Tiselle Letterpress + Design at

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