Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make A Mark

So we finally had a chance to rest up and blog about the awesome tween empowerment event Make A Mark on Oct 10th, 2009. Make A Mark was a huge success filled with lots of magical moments like the inspirational world renowned guest speaker Jennifer Curtet to the many awesome sponsors like Jellypop Shoes, TripleCord, Huntington Catering, Plum Denim, Six78th Magazine, Fleuretica, Heart 4 Africa, ChicaCircle, The Sewing Studio, Tiselle and yours truly Steven Lam Photography. The girls were treated to a fashion show, some cool products for their lifestyle and an arts and craft and positive body image workshops, plus a fun portrait session by our studio. We had a blast meeting each and everyone of these little darlings. Seeing their "wow" attitude and satisfaction in their eyes just says it all and totally made this collective effort worthwhile.

So congratulations Kelley Gin on your premier event of Make A Mark. We are totally behind you 100%! Thank you for stepping up and being such a hero and leader to the future generations of young women. Keep inspiring!

By the way, Just Ask Marlene aka JAM also blogged about this event. Click here for more details:

P.S. will upload some photos shortly...

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