Monday, September 21, 2009

Jason Markk

Jason Markk is the world's first premium sneaker cleaning solution that will clean the whites and everything under the sun on your sneakers beautifully, without the harmful chemical side effects that often turn your whites into that funky yellowish tone.

So when we received a call last week directly from the man himself, Jason Markk telling us he is in dire need of some publicity photos. We quickly upgraded our telephone conversation into creative brief mode. Jason shows up the next day and the rest was history. Jason had a very clear idea of what he needed for his pr pix and it's a pleasure whenever we work with talented peeps that has great vision and design sensibility. We are stoked that Jason was ecstatic about the pix we've produced together. For Jason's perspective of our shoot, visit And our photos from this shoot was featured on Dazzle, a chinese street culture online zine. Thanks for being such a huge fan of our work Jason!

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