Friday, August 28, 2009

First Dance Remixed

Okay, this blog is for the fellas and those couples that just cringe whenever "first dance" gets mentioned. Maybe dancing is not your forte, maybe the thought of having 300 guests starring at your feeties every move is nerve-racking. Whatever it is, we have found a great "first dance" alternative to your standard wedding expectation.

Paige + Kevin, a hip young artistic couple have come up with a brilliant solution by remixing the first dance concept with a fun silly dance routine on video with a little help from their friend who is a commercial director. They filmed a surprise comedic synchronized dance video with reality TV confessional session and behind the scene outtakes. This is such a great idea because Kevin's specialty is not dancing! None of their guests knew this was coming and it became an instant hit! Their dance was projected on the studio wall halfway through the reception, after toasts. What a bloody brilliant idea and we have a feeling that this turn of event will spark and inspire more couples to follow in their footstep, with a twist of their own brilliance of course! More details about Paige + Kevin's wedding, including that fabulous video at or watch the video directly at Cheers!

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