Monday, June 15, 2009

Give LOVE, get LOVE

We want to tell every one about our good friend Tenny Hovsepian's fantastic LOVE collection available at I think every bride and bride-to-be should have one of these as a simple reminder of how lucky they are to have someone to love and be loved. Sweet and simple but so powerful. 

A bit of history about Tenny. Tenny is a jewelry designer from Los Angeles who started a line quite recently with a very basic and simple concept, LOVE.  Why?  Love was lacking both in her life and surroundings, so as soon as she started giving love to all, she immediately started getting it right back and it was contagious. Tenny created her jewelry line as a reminder to put love into everything she did but also to expose love. They also love charity and each month, donates a percentage of the retail sales from their LOVE collection to a carefully chosen charity.  They support 12 different charities per year and coming soon, they will  have a special piece made for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

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Emily said...

all the LOVE pieces are beautiful, just as you put it, simple but powerful, exactly what love can be