Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wedding Stimulus Plan

Spring is upon us and as of today, we officially will spring our clock forward inching into wedding fever pitch mode. This is an exciting time for the brides to be as you put on your hat(s) during your research mode.  Even though,  the doom and gloom recession message is all over the world,  fret not because we want to encourage all brides to think outside of the box during this crazy time. Who says it's all doom and gloom, bah humbag.

We want to remind you to stay calm, take a deep breath and stay focus on that beautiful dream wedding you have dreamt of. Don't get distracted by the ugly news of the recession. As a matter of fact, this is the best time for the brides. This is such a wonderful time to get married because there are so many incentives available to brides that did not exist six months ago. So don't be afraid to inquire about discounts, special offers and customizing your purchases.

There are so many talented creative wedding vendors available and ready to help you make your big day a fun and happy place for your family and friends. Remember that it's still important to hire the professional vendors especially during this time cause the pros have tons of experience to guide you and plan your dream wedding while saving you money in the long run by trimming the fat and helping you keep your event lean.  For example, we highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator, not because they will help make your life easier but with their huge wedding vendor network, they can also help you save a bundle in areas where a bride would normally not have access to such as location, catering, photography, etc. due to their many years of personal working relationship they have established.

Be flexible. If you can just let go a bit and step outside of the box, you will allow your creative juice to flow and you just might surprise yourself with all of the inventive ways you can personalized your wedding within your budget. For example, we are starting to see more picnic wedding themes this year and of course, Los Angeles is the place to be with all of the wonderful public spaces, not to mention the endless sunny days. 

Lastly, remember to have fun and make sure not to loose focus on why you are getting married...for LOVE. And love is all you need, everything else is easy peasy.

So just take a deep breath, breathe, relax and have fun planning your wedding with your dream team!

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